Delivering Digital Transformation :

A business-wide approach for a successful outcome

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“Digital change, innovation, it’s a human problem…unless you get the mindset to accept risk, to enable curiosity, to celebrate failures because of the learning they bring, then you will not create an environment that is safe enough to get disruptive change.”

Martin Ewart, CEO, Taranata Group

Let’s be honest – digital transformation projects are complex. There are multiple elements influencing success, and very few of them are linked to the technology itself.  

There are so many other things to juggle: communication, business readiness and stakeholder engagement are just a few of the factors too often overlooked. Successful transformation projects rely on uniting these elements and bringing the business along with you.

We’ve spoken to business leaders from multiple sectors across the globe and our research backs this up: under-resourced delivery teams, unrealistic timeframes and a lack of detailed requirements are given as some of the most common reasons why projects fail to deliver on time and on budget.

In this report, we investigate the reasons why digital transformation projects might not live up to expectations. We explore the common elements in successful transformation, as well as the struggles and challenges experienced. We offer practical and proven suggestions as to how organisations can take a whole-business approach, getting everyone’s buy-in from the start.

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