Katalin Kostenszky

Katalin Kostenszky
Support Team

About Katalin

Katalin joined Positive Momentum in Spring 2022, armed with a significant amount of professional experience as an Executive Assistant. Katalin has worked within many different countries and cultures, and in various industries and sectors – including the Financial, IT, Legal and Oil and Gas sectors to name a few. Katalin believes the knowledge and experience she has amassed during her career to date, well equips her to provide her partners with true rockstar support.  

The Executive Assistant role is perfect for Katalin with a keen eye for attention to detail and very adept at problem-solving, Katalin loves that no two workdays are the same. 

When she is not organising the busy schedules of her partners, Katalin can likely be found, camera in hand, in nature usually somewhere near a beach, or possibly combining both her passions using her drone to take aerial shots.


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