Orange Business Services is a global provider of high end IT and communications solutions to large multinational corporations. A division of France Telecom they operate in 166 countries, employ over 29,000 people and serve over two thirds of the world’s largest companies.


Positive Momentum has helped transform customer references and case studies into strategic tools that play a major role in our new business drive.

Patrick O’Halloran Head of International Customer References

What did the client need?

Client requests to support proposals with proof of capabilities through case studies and references were not being fully met. Orange Business Services was not capitalising upon its strong customer base of global brands to support the sales effort – both direct with prospects and indirect through analysts and partners. Positive Momentum was asked to build a process to facilitate the development of clear, incisive, customer benefit-led case studies together with a reference database.

How did it work

A series of interviews and workshops with senior managers were used to build a new, simple case study development process that could be driven centrally whilst encouraging collaboration from each function/ country involved in a customer relationship. The process identified key drivers and opportunities where case studies could prove capability and move the sales engagement forward. Internally, the process of bringing together messages into a clear structure to build a compelling, market differentiating proposition was defined.

What did Positive Momentum do?

  1. Consulted with stakeholders (UK, Global) to understand key issues
  2. Development of new Customer Reference & Case Study strategy
  3. Delivered a customer-led proposition development process 
  4. Provide ongoing analysis, insight and programme delivery

What were the results?

The database of case studies and references has grown substantially, with proposals being stronger and more competitive. Case studies are now used as a core sales training tool and to support specific sales drives by product, vertical or geographic market.


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