Rajnish Virmani

Rajnish Virmani


A Positive Momentum partner since 2012

A Positive Momentum partner since 2011

Career highlights include:

  • Vice President at Colt Technologies
  • CEO at Aviva Global Services
  • Centre Head at Amex (used to be CTO there, but not the final position before resigning)

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About Rajnish

“Work hard, Play Harder, Party Hardest”. That has been the guiding force for Rajnish. A truly global leader having lived and worked across the USA, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia, he has led large teams of over 10,000 staff within India and over 1,000 in Europe. Rajnish shares with you a multi-cultural diverse perspective of running a business across geography.

An Engineer and MBA by background, Rajnish has worked for about 30 years with large multinational brands like American Express, Aviva, Colt Technologies, Tata Consultancy Services and Reliance. He has played the roles of a CIO, COO and CEO over the last 12-15 years and brings that experience to bear as he coaches corporate leaders to lead business in an ever shrinking and diverse world. Voted as a Role Model Leader a few times, he has achieved many a turnaround in his career as a line leader – turning around performances of employees, departments and organisations – and is now helping spread that knowledge base to the current leaders in the corporate hierarchy.

Rajnish is a class act and a pleasure to work with and we are very glad to have had his support in the build and launch phase of Arrows Group India. Rajnish was able to take us from a standing start to a fully functioning 25 man operation in India within 4 months which was quicker than planned and is quite simply a remarkable achievement when you look at the layers of complexity this launch required.

Rajnish is a keen sportsman having played in 9 individual and team sports at University level representing his college. One wonders where he got all that time from, right? Even today he finds time for Squash, Tennis, Badminton and not-to-forget Golf. He embodies the thinking that sport offers a lot of learning to our corporate leaders; that burning desire to win, that teamwork, that composure and handling victory and defeat are all characteristics of a good leader – on the sports field and in the corporate world as well… Winning is indeed a Habit and Rajnish represents that well with his teams.

Let’s talk of the Virmani family a bit… This is a truly global family too, with the elder son having studied in Boston, USA and the younger one doing his graduation in Auckland, NZ… currently base camp for this team is in Gurugram (New Delhi area) in India, but this keeps changing as the family keeps moving to meet the demands of the environment.

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